My experience at Dr. Lee's Dental office is always good. I appreciate the welcoming smile that always greets me at the desk. My confidence is inspired by Dr. Lee's professional knowledge and abilities coupled with his courteous gentle and honest manner. The State of the Art equipment is impressive as well. Everyone in Dr. Lee's Office is kind and attentive to the comfort of the patients. I feel fortunate to have him for my dentist and would highly recommend Dr. Lee's Dental Office to everyone.

Nicole S.

Excellent front desk customer service and easy scheduling. Knowledgeable and skilled dentists who don't push procedures and provide clear presentation of options. Honest opinions about different procedures and whether something is needed or not and what the pros/cons might be for the options. Highly recommend this practice!

Jay K.

Dr. Lee is the best dentist I have ever had. His skills are impeccable. He has done all my wisdom teeth extractions and one cleaning. I am one scary individual but he made the process very easy for me. Plus he pulled all my teeth without leaving any of the root. That's skill!! His staff are very very kind. Especially Ann-Marie, she held my hand during this last extraction. I felt bad for her little hand.

His office is state of the art with the latest dental technology and TVs at every station for your comfort. I stand behind Dr. Lee and recommend his practice to anyone that is looking for good quality dental care. He is the best!

Brittney D.

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