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Our office is equipped with the several of the latest technologies. The advanced equipment will help to make your dental visit more efficient and comfortable.  We invite you to check out the list below and each of the company's site for more information.  


iTero Element Flex

Even under the best of conditions, traditional impressions are still uncomfortable, occasionally unreliable and unpleasant tasting. That’s why we’re proud to offer goop-free, full digital impressions with the revolutionary iTero® Element™ Scanner.

Not only is a digital impression more comfortable, it’s also much more accurate. The scanner takes an incredibly detailed impression of your teeth and gums. Once the scan is complete, we will then have a 3D model of your mouth that can be used to create detailed crowns, bridges, implants, and Invisalign® clear aligners and retainers. This digital accuracy eliminates the need to retake impressions, keeping your time in the chair to an absolute minimum.

For more information, watch it in action on Youtube!

Waterlase Express 

The Waterlase is a dental laser that enables the dentist to use minimal and in some cases even no anesthetic or drills to perform many routine dental procedures. 

The Waterlase combines water, air, and laser energy for safe use on human tissue in the mouth. Our teeth are partially made up of water and when the laser makes contact with the tooth it excites the water molecules to cut through the tooth. Since the laser continuously sprays out water it keeps the tooth hydrated, preventing heat and giving you a virtually pain free experience!



(New!) Perio Protect  

There are about 80% of Americans that has gum disease and 100% would prefer a non-surgical treatment. Gum diseases starts when a group of bacteria called biofilm develops in the space between your teeth and gum tissue causing an infection. Perio Protect is a non invasive therapy for gum diseases. Our dentist will design a treatment plan specifically for you with you own custom Perio Trays. 

 The trays are designed with a patented seal to place and hold medication at the infected area below your gum line. A low concentration of hydrogen peroxide gently and thoroughly cleanses the periodontal pockets, fights bacteria, and also teeth whitening. Perio Trays are super easy to use! It take just a few seconds to prepare your trays and you only need to wear them minutes each day. You can complete your treatment conveniently at home at any time. 


A-Dec 500 Dental Chairs

The A-dec 500 dental chairs are built with unique cushioning that reduce pressure points and provide comfortable support across the patient’s entire body. They also synchronize with the natural motion of the patient. Therefore, they provide our patients with the ultimate comfort during their dental visits.

The A-dec 500 deliver system offers true integration of all the latest technology into the dental operatory. Allowing our doctors greater efficiency in providing state of the art dental care.



A harmless laser that receives a digital readout measuring decay.

Watch an introductory video about DIAGNOdent.



Discus Dental NV MicroLaser 

A pen-sized wire free soft-tissue laser. Compared with traditional methods and surgical devices such as electrocautery; a laser is gentler, more predictable, and often times will not require local anesthetic. Diode lasers cut with a very small zone of necrosis, allowing the dentist to perform a wide array of soft-tissue procedures with little to no discomfort, no fear of gingival recession, and rapid healing. They can be safely used around implants, and immediate hemostasis is another added benefit.

Estelite Sigma Quick Composites

Our office uses Estelite Sigma Quick for our composite material. Estelite polishes better, is resistant to fractures and chipping, blends to teeth for a more natural appearance. 

Hiossen Implant System Our office uses Hiossen's ET implant systems for regular and mini-implants. The ET implant system has a surface sand blasted with alumina and etched with acid. This treatment allows for shortened healing time and improves attachment rate.



Isolite Systems

 The Isolite sits comfortably in our patients' mouth and helps to illuminate the mouth from the inside out.  This revolutionary dental device allows for hands free high volume suction, acts as a tongue retractor, and cheek shield.


Carestream Health Digital X-ray System

The Carestream Dental Digital X-ray System is designed to provide high-quality images quickly and reduce radiation levels.

Milestone Scientific's "The Wand"

An electronic anesthesia instrument used for painless injections for all routine dental treatments including root canals, crowns, fillings, and cleanings. In addition, it eliminates unnecessary collateral numbness of the tongue, lips, and facial muscles. Furthermore, the Wand hand-piece minimizes the risk of cross contamination.


Nitrous Oxide (N2O) - Laughing Gas

Nitrous Oxide (N2O) has an unparalleled 150-year safety record. We provide nitrous oxide inhalation anesthetic because it is safe and comfortable for our patients. Patients are conscioius and participate in treatment. In addition, patient apprehension and discomfort are minimized. 


Phillips Zoom WhiteSpeed Whitening Treatment 

Gain more confidence with whiter teeth. Our office is equipped with one of the most advanced whitening systems that whiten your teeth on an average of eight shades in approximately one hour. Show that beautiful smile of yours, set an appointment today!


Planmeca Promax 3D

This is an all in one unit system that provides digital panoramic, and cone beam CT 3D imaging. We can obtain comprehensive information on the patient anatomy within a few minutes. Since the Planmeca Promax 3D provides the

 most accurate information of patient anatomy, we maximize the quality of our work to better serve you.

For more information, please visit PLANMECA.

Sopro 717 Camera

A dental camera with video assisted tooth shade selection that provides high quality intra-oral and macroscopic views.

For more information, watch it on Youtube!​


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